Proletariat Northwest Red Ale

Lompoc isn't flashy. Or fancy. Or trendy. It's not even that hip. It's just a group of guys who love making beer, and drinking it in a friendly pub. That might be why Lompoc has grown into one of Portland's largest groups of pubs. And why each Lompoc pub is a neighborhood landmark.

Lompoc needed new packaging for their bottled beers that reflected this mentality. The labels couldn't be flashy, or trendy, but each had to show the group's passion, and a bit of their irreverence, for their craft. The first was their year-round working man's beer:
Proletariat Northwest Red Ale.

"Time is speeding fast away ⋅ Quickly night succeeds to day ⋅ Let us do the work we can
Honor to the working man!"

Lompoc dug it, so we wrapped the distribution truck with it, too.